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Acquisition of Pelican Therapeutics

Acquisition of Pelican Therapeutics
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2019
Business Combinations [Abstract]  
Acquisition of Pelican Therapeutics

2. Acquisition of Pelican Therapeutics

In 2017, the Company consummated the acquisition of 80% of the outstanding equity of Pelican, a related party, and Pelican became a majority owned subsidiary of the Company. During the quarter ended March 31, 2018, cash consideration of approximately $300,000 was distributed to the participating Pelican stockholders and the remainder of approximately $200,000 for certain Pelican liabilities not satisfied was recognized as other income in the statements of operations and comprehensive loss for the period.  In October 2018, the Company entered into an agreement with the University of Miami (“UM”) whereby UM exchanged its shares of stock in the Company’s subsidiaries, Heat I, Inc. and Pelican. The stock exchange resulted in the Company increasing its controlling ownership in Pelican from 80% to 85%.

Under the Pelican stock acquisition agreement, the Company is also obligated to make future payments based on the achievement of certain clinical and commercialization milestones, as well as low single digit royalty payments and payments upon receipt of sublicensing income. The fair value of these future milestone payments is reflected in the contingent consideration account under current liabilities with the non-current portion under long term liabilities on the balance sheet. The estimated fair value of the contingent consideration was determined using a probability-weighted income approach, at a discount of 3.9% based on the median yield of publicly traded non-investment grade debt of companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The Company estimates the fair value of the contingent consideration on a quarterly basis. At the time of the Pelican acquisition, the Company’s CEO and certain affiliated entities as well as two of the Company’s directors and certain affiliated entities directly or indirectly owned shares of Pelican common stock purchased by the Company. As a result, approximately 51% of any such milestone payments will be paid to the Company’s CEO, two of its directors and affiliated companies.

Goodwill was calculated as the difference between the acquisition-date fair value of the consideration transferred and the fair values of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed. The goodwill resulting from this acquisition related largely to synergies expected from combining the operations. The goodwill is not deductible for income tax purposes. In-process R&D assets are treated as indefinite-lived until the completion or abandonment of the associated R&D program, at which time the appropriate useful lives will be determined. The Company calculated the fair value of the non-controlling interest acquired in the acquisition as 20% of the equity interest of Pelican, adjusted for a minority interest discount.

As discussed in Note 10, in May 2016, Pelican was awarded a $15.2 million CPRIT Grant from CPRIT for development of Pelican’s lead product candidate, PTX-35. The CPRIT Grant is expected to support Pelican in developing PTX-35 through a Phase 1 clinical trial designed to evaluate PTX-35 in combination with other immunotherapies.